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What is it
The Desert Hill Objectscope is a standalone type library object browser. It displays a type library contents allowing the properties, methods and events of an object to be easily obtained.  Its advanced features allow discovery of the attributes that are defined for items in the type library.
Who it's for
Desert Hill Objectscope is designed for software engineers, help authors, web authors and other professionals who work with scripting languages and ActiveX/COM components.

Whatever the language, C, C++, VB, VBA, JAVA or Basic Script, anyone who programs or writes macros can use this tool to speed there development.

Developer of ActiveX/COM components who need to validate the correctness of their type libraries.

Desert Hill Objectscope saves time by allowing you to quickly find the object, property, method or event that you need to use. The advanced Find feature searches any attribute, including help strings and the name, to quickly locate the items you are looking for.

Developers can use the Find feature to validate that help strings, version numbers, and other attributes have been correctly defined.

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Pricing Information

Single seat $49

Discounts available for multiple seats, please contact our sales team at


System Infomation

Windows 95/98/ME
Windows NT/2000/XP

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