What's an object browser?

An object browser is a tool that allows you to browse the contents of a type library.


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What's a type library?

A type library is a binary file that maps methods (among other things) in a common format, enabling other COM applications to read and use them. Type libraries are typically distributed as part of an ActiveX component and are bound to the EXE, DLL or OCX.  RAD tools, such as VB, allow you to program with objects using information found in type libraries.  The Desert Hill ObjectBrowser allows you to conveniently display this information to the programmer.


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I installed the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser and ran the sample application, now what?

Now you're ready to use the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser with any type library you wish to display, including one you've developed yourself.  Referencing one of the sample apps, replace the 'DesertHill.ObjectBrowser' argument passed to the ObjectBrowser.AddLibrary method with any type library you wish to display.


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The Add method has several different ways to add a type library, does it matter which method is used?

You can add a type library by specifying a ProgID, GUID, filespec of a tlb file, or filespec of an exe, dll, ocx or other module.  Depending on how you want to use the the object browser determines which method you want to use.  If you want the object browser to display the latest type library associated with an object, specify the ProgID.  If you want the object browser to display a specific type library in a specific file, specify the filespec.  If you want the object browser to display the library associated with a specific GUID, specify the GUID.


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Can I use the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser to generate a list of the context id's needed for our object model's help file?

Yes you can.  This is a good example of when you would want to use the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser as a COM server.  Once your type library is added, you can iterate through the members of the type library and access the MemID property to generate your file.  The ObjectLibrarySearch sample program demonstrates iterating through a type library without using the user interface aspect of the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser control.


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What's the license agreement? Are there run-time license fees?

You can view the license agreement here.  There are no run-time license fees.  You only need one license/developer.  Team & Site licenses are available at a discount.  Contact our sales team at sales@deserthill.com for more information.


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We have a single large project with several developers, only one developer works on the embedded object browser which use the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser control. Do I have to get a license for each developer on the project, even though they do not work on that part of the code?

You only need one license/developer that is actually developing with the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser.  In this case, you would need only one license.


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Which scripting engines does the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser work with?

The DesertHill ObjectBrowser does not depend on the scripting engine.


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