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ObjectBrowser 1.2



The Desert Hill ObjectBrowser is an ActiveX control that allows you to access the contents of a type library.  Whether you want to programmatically access a library's contents or need to add a full blown object browser window to your application, the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser is the control to use.

The visual aspect of the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser control displays the content of type libraries in a way that will be familiar to anyone who has used the object browser built into Visual Basic.  As a developer, simply add the libraries you want displayed to the control in the Form_Load event and the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser control does the rest.  Events fired from the control when the user selects various elements within the library allow you to tightly integrate the object browser window with the rest of your application.

Not interested in the graphical aspects of the control but just want to access a type library?s content?  The Desert Hill ObjectBrowser control also works as a COM server with no UI.  Just create an instance of the Libraries collection, add the type libraries and you gain access to all the information buried inside.  Whether you?re programming in C++ or VisualBasic, never has iterating through a contents of a type library been easier!

Until now getting at the information inside a type library involved navigating through the convoluted VAR_DESC and FUNC_DESC structures using the ITypeLib and ITypeInfo interfaces that VisualBasic developers couldn?t even access.  The Desert Hill ObjectBrowser ActiveX control has changed all this.  With its clean and concise object model, you can easily get at the information you need.  Exposing both low-level details, such as member?s attributes and flags, as well high level grouping such as an object's properties, methods and events, using the Desert Hill ObjectBrowser control will surely decrease your development costs.


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Single seat $129

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Visual Basic 6

Visual C++
Windows 95/98/ME
Windows NT/2000/XP

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